Festival Milkshake ’best party of the year’

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The festival Milkshake has this year’s Golden Gnome award. The event, that every year in the summer in the Westerpark in Amsterdam takes place, is declared to be the best party of the year. The Golden Gnome advertises itself as the ” unofficial Oscars of the Dutch dance scene’.

Milkshake is 28 and 29 July for the seventh time. Trusted names like Joost van bellen and Zu Browka International of the Roxy are from the party on the Transformer stage. On the so-called Dirty Poezendek will include The Youth of Today and Famke Louise a live show.

Paradiso is from the beginning already a partner of Milkshake. Under the heading of Copacobana provides the fifty-year-old pop temple a part of the program. The international cooperation is, among others, with Less Drama More Techno from Paris and the Sexy Party in Cologne. New Pornceptual from Berlin. The full line-up will later be published.

Milkshake is since the fifth edition in 2016 has grown to become a two-day festival. The dance festival is developed from the mindset of ’nothing must, everything may’. It shows that entertainment, music, choice and status, nothing to do with sexuality. During Milkshake, there is an atmosphere that is free from the society-created narrow-mindedness. Life is just a party thanks to the great diversity of skin colors, sexual preferences, and a variety of forms.

Tickets for Milkshake VII is already started.

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