Father saves ’Western’ daughter with extension cord

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KORTRIJK – A 40-year-old man was Tuesday charged with the commercial court of Kortrijk because his daughter had been beaten with an extension cord. She behaved, according to him, ’too Western’.

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On 29 may 2016, called the wife of Y. G. the police, because her husband, their teen-age daughter to the store with a cord. When agents spot came, they saw that the man his daughter had ordered to undress, and he her, after the battles with the cord, so the street wanted to send. She was late coming home and had money, which the father, the origin wanted to know. Also his wife and son were folded in.

The case came a few months ago, but the district court had to conduct an investigation asked for ’the environment’ of the accused. Defendant G. Y. was, however, still not showing up. He was always working, was his defence.


The man has a debt known to and believes that it is only one time happened and that there are no more problems.

The Belgian order TO require 20 months in prison of which a part is conditional, because of this ’inhuman treatment’. The defense wants the client especially from the prison hold, and also calls for a suspended sentence with ’guidance’. The man said that he has certainly prepared.

The verdict is april 17.

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