Fajah Lourens: “There is never with me flirting’

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Men dare not with Fajah Lourens flirting. That sets the dj and dieetboekenschrijver in Viva.

Fajah Lourens

“There is never with me flirting. Really never. In one way or another, daring men that are not, I think.” But it is not only her fame that the lord holds back. “Last time I was with friends in New York and we went to – no one. I don’t know how that can be. In the Netherlands, I can even imagine that men are thinking: I don’t, because then she thinks that I only do because they Fajah is.”

Any worshipers would also not have any chance at the Killerbody-writer. Fajah is a year now happy with friend Igor. “We do both a little bit of our own thing, but we are very happy with each other. He let me get very free. I think that’s fine. I never want a relationship in which you are going to check, and quarrel as soon as the one what their going to do.”

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