Fajah Lourens feel pressure to stay in shape

12ac03123675f6525768d533ec31dd9f - Fajah Lourens feel pressure to stay in shape

Fajah Lourens feels as a writer of the Killerbody-books “almost obligated” to be there, always good to see.

“I try to let go, but I feel it”, says the writer in Viva. “Killerbody is started from my own uncertainty: I didn’t want to wipe more to do if I were on the beach walked. With the parts of that Instagramfoto’s I became a motivation for others.”

Due to a back injury and the hectic time that they are behind the back – where her nephew and ex-friend lost – does Lourens, today something quieter.

“I let the reins a bit more to celebrate, too, by back, but understand many people do not. When I asked for a shoot, for example, always sexy. But I’m not a year long very fit. If I expose the photo go, I want there to be at my best to look and there weeks want to go.”


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