European commissioner insists: appointment Selmayr ” according to the letter of the law’

9ac12b1341265fd2b771622e6bc40829 - European commissioner insists: appointment Selmayr " according to the letter of the law’

‘The flitsbenoeming of Martin Selmayr to the highest officer of the Commission is in accordance with the rules expired.” That said the european Commissioner for human resources Günther Oettinger in a hearing in the European Parliament.

“No one can be very happy with the result of the past few weeks,” said Oettinger. The commissioner was referring to the brouhaha that arose after the appointment of Selmayr as secretary-general of the European Commission. The flitsbenoeming already weeks before the turmoil in the European district, but according to Oettinger are all the rules followed. “Every institution has the right and duty to be the best candidate to choose, and the institutions have to respect each other in these appointments,” he said.


Selmayr, who since 2014 as chief of staff to the president of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, was applied at the beginning of this year for the position of vice-secretary-general. The German followed all the stages in that procedure. A few minutes after his appointment, announced by Juncker on February 21 at the weekly meeting of the commissioners that the secretary-general Alexander Italianer, is going to retire. Prompt asked Juncker to Selmayr directly to a doctorate.

Despite the hoopla, there seems to not be that Juncker on more than one and a half years before the expiry of his mandate in the problems. The socialist group, after the EPP of Juncker, the largest in the hemisphere, said after the hearing that the ” a fatal error would be to use the European Commission to boycott in this very delicate historical moment for the European Union, with enormous challenges as brexit, migration, terrorism and the economic crisis’.

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