Estelle has inner peace found

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Estelle Cruijff has, after a turbulent period in her life of inner peace to be found. “Because I also have negative things have experienced, that to me a lot of pain and grief have done, I appreciate the very positive things,” says Estelle in an interview with Veronica Magazine.

Estelle Cruijff

“Nothing is, of course, I know now.” Estelle is in her own words – ’just from that law of Murphy”. “There I was for a long time. Still came back with some, that you think: there is some light at the end of this tunnel?” Estelle assured himself time and time again that everything will be alright. “And all the misery has me well trained.”

The blonde got under the separation of Ruud Gullit and an unhappy relationship with Badr Hari for her to choose. “When you’re young, you still would not know so much. I always say: ’At school you get the first lesson and then you key. In life, you will be given your key and then your lesson’.”

Although they love hard to find, is Estelle the past few years, not hard and cynical. “Not at all. I know how much I anyone can keep, and then you will always get it back. People are there to love, so I am absolutely in love.”

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