Estelle Cruijff is wiser by ‘all misery’

f9f433bc8c28d8e6268af42985246750 - Estelle Cruijff is wiser by 'all misery'

Estelle Cruijff has the feeling to be more wise to have become “all the misery” that she has experienced. “Because I also have negative things have experienced, that to me a lot of pain and grief have done, I appreciate the very positive things.”

In conversation with Dutch tv-guide Veronica the photographer does not go in on the “misery”, but she states that she now knows that nothing is obvious. “When you’re young, you still would not know so much. I always say: in school you get the first lesson and then you key. In life, you will be given your key and then your lesson. If there is something you’ve never experienced it before, you do not know how it feels.”

The past few years separated Cruyff Ruud Gullit, pulled their son Maxim with his father, and she was in her own words-is followed everywhere by the press. “I could of course just everywhere, but I was still nowhere free,” said Cruyff in an earlier conversation with LINDA.

The photographer, her passion for the subject discovered by her participation in The perfect picture finds herself a strong woman. An exact moment that the feeling came that there is light at the end of the tunnel was, they could not identify. “That came with gusts, but it’s actually been quite a while good. It all goes with babystapjes. Not the jackpot have brought in and think: everything is better now!”


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