Disappointed Verbeek saw ‘painful’ dismissal at FC Twente arrive

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Although he disappointed, surprised Gertjan Verbeek is not that he Monday his resignation at the zwalkende FC Twente.

The former coach of sc Heerenveen, Feyenoord and AZ was not yet a half year in service, but succeeded in recent months in achieving results with the current number last in the Eredivisie.

“The resignation feels different than, for example, at the time, in AZ, where I was overwhelmed by the news. Now, it was a confluence of circumstances that you saw coming”, says Verbeek against the AD.

“Sat night at all, because when I got after the training, the question of whether I along wanted to come to the board of management. Well, then you know it to continue, haha.”

The 55-year-old Verbeek pain that he his work in the Grolsch Veste, can not continue. “FC Twente is still together with Heerenveen, the club that made me the most heart. And if it not goes as you want it to, then it hurts. If you have six matches, one behind the other loses, then you know that the game on the car.”

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In early 2009, Verbeek as coach of Feyenoord even though after a half-year put on the street. That is what he sees similarities with his brief period at FC Twente.

“I have the after the bad start of the season not to run. We lost more matches. So it goes in sports. It is good or it is bad. And if it goes bad, the fans murmuring. Just like when at Feyenoord.”

In various media, it was suggested that the players of FC Twente no confidence they would have in the trainer, but Verbeek does not believe in those stories. “Oh, those stories. There will be a player that is not satisfied. But really not three-quarters, as I somewhere heard,” he says.

“I thought I was still in it, otherwise, yes. I will the rest of the league now on tv to follow. I hope they stay in it.”


Earlier this month forbade FC Twente Verbeek and Jan van Halst, who now goes as a commercial director, to sit to talk, because of the dire situate of the club. Although Verbeek his job as an analyst now again able to pick it up, he remains provisionally to get away from his work for television.

“I will make this week much in the news. So I do it, but just quietly, tentatively,” said the coach, who after a period at 1. FC Nürnberg and VfL Bochum for the third time in a row it was fired. “I’ve not yet thought about. Or what the future will entail. I go there the next time to think about it.”

The duties of Verbeek will be until the end of the season taken over by assistant Marino Pusic. Hekkensluiter FC Twente on Sunday in the 29th round of the Premier league at 12.30 pm on a visit to VVV-Venlo.

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