’Britney Spears will soon be under father’s authority’

f09eb6d157a079257235edb89531c14a - ’Britney Spears will soon be under father's authority’

The father of Britney Spears will have legal authority over the singer to stop. According to a source from Us Weekly is Jamie Spears in a conversation with Britney’s doctors to one another to set in motion.

With her ’Piece of Me’performances is a Britney Spears all the way back again

Britney came in 2009 under the supervision of her father, after a mental breakdown, where she her head bald shaved. Since then, they have no major personal and financial decisions to take more without the consent of her pa. Now for years, and it goes well with the now 36-year-old singer would be Jamie the time to find the reins to celebrate. With her Piece of Me shows in Las Vegas posted them much success and she is the face of the voorjaarscampagne of fashion brand Kenzo.

According to the insider with Us Weekly said, is the expected schedule that Britney after her current world tour is officially under the authority of her father comes out. The singer ends her Piece of Me tour on september 1 in England.

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