British jihadist wanted kinderleger ready

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LONDON – A teacher who children wanted to be ready to carry out attacks in Britain, sentenced to life in prison. The 25-year-old-trailer had according to the authorities terreurpropaganda see to sixteen children in a mosque in London, where they are outside of school were taught.

The 11 – to 14-year-old young people ’played’ during the lessons that they attacks were launched, messages to British media. The police stated that the man the young people, with threats, forced to be silent about the content of the meetings.

’Kinderleger bets in series of attacks

The jihadist was, according to the authorities plan to “army of children” in a series of attacks. He already had targets in mind, including the Big Ben. The parents of the teenagers had no idea that the man was trying their children to art.

The court called the twenties, intelligent, narcissistic and convincing. He can, after 25 years of release. A 19-year-old accomplice was given twelve years in prison, including for assistance in the financing. A 27-year-old confidant of the offender must be more than four years the cell, because he was silent on the plans.

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