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“Backlog from Ferrari to the Mercedes has become bigger”

7bea5e3a67acb7e28d858fbc56becf27 - "Backlog from Ferrari to the Mercedes has become bigger"

For the second year in a row it was the end of the new season in Australia, won by Sebastian Vettel. The German is, however, convinced that the advantage of Mercedes at the start of the season has become larger.

“We had today do not have the speed to Mercedes really second to none and to-day,” said Vettel after the end of the GP of Australia. “If we are honest we must say that Lewis is today the fastest was, where we last year here is a little bit faster. Last year we put them under pressure.”

Despite the victory takes Vettel so that Ferrari currently has a larger gap on Mercedes.

“Currently, the less well. When you have the whole weekend to the differences than you can see that we Mercedes currently not really able to match. We are not yet where we wish to be.”

“When I race I’m responding the car is not as I would like. I want the car perfectly respond when I press the brake go or submission. I am having some trouble with it and I’m still not happy,” concluded Vettel.

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