Arrest after sending bompakketjes Washington

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WASHINGTON – A man from the Us state of Washington has been arrested after he multiple bompakketjes had sent to military locations in the U.S. and a CIA office. According to the federal police FBI, are the packets not exploded.

The 43-year-old suspect was on Monday arrested at his home in Everett, said the FBI. He would be sat morning for a court in Seattle will be brought up.


In one of the cases at Fort McNair had a building to be evacuated after a package was delivered. Bomexperts of the army confirmed that the package of explosives contained and found that a fuse was attached.

In a separate incident in Austin, Texas, had someone recently bompakketjes behind houses. Which exploded, causing two people were killed and others were injured. The suspect bommenlegger blew himself up when police on his heels was.

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