American marriage with old tree

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FORT MYERS – A 60-year-old American woman with a centenary tree married in a park in Fort Myers, Florida. The woman hopes to recoup the ficus to the rescue.

The bride (right) and her witness for the tree.

“We heard that there are plans to tree to cut, and I thought: ‘that’s not going to happen’,” says Karen Cooper to ABC News. The woman has lived for forty years in Fort Myers, where a lot of trees last year, hurricane Irma did not survive.

A developer would the request have done. “It is a terrible thing to be aware of a tree to bring down. And this tree is amazing,” said the American, who says the park without the tree but empty. “People get married in this park… but I’m married with the tree.”

The wedding

At the wedding there were at least 80 residents present. There was music, lots of flowers and good food. Cooper was brought to the tree by her best friend and witness. Dog Little Bear brought the ring. The vows were read by the local dj. Of course, there was also a wedding cake, decorated with trees.

Or the ’groom’ in life, is unclear.

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