Aaron Carter wants no relationship with a man

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Aaron Carter feels a little misunderstood about his ’coming-out’ of last year. He said at the time that he feels attracted to boys and girls, but a relationship with a man there is not, explains the singer.

“It was more a story about what I went through when I was about seventeen was,” says Aaron at Hollywood Life. According to him, is his statement a bit out of context torn. “I see myself eventually just a woman, and with children. I want a family. I stick with that but tell. I don’t want that I will be misunderstood but only because I was open.”

The thirty years Aaron had in August found that there was a burden for him to fall. In a message on Twitter repte he is an “important moment” for himself and his identity. “I’ve been here almost half my life around,” he wrote. Then told the singer that he, as a teenager, a “experience” had had with a man to whom he is attracted felt.

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