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Young Devils continue to win: now Hungary too convincing for the axe

db451fdeca234cbb4d700756fe66297d - Young Devils continue to win: now Hungary too convincing for the axe

A few days after the handsome 1-4 victory on the field of the Netherlands, the Belgian U21 Hungary beaten in the qualifiers for the european CHAMPIONSHIP. Thanks to goals of Writers, Lukebakio and Dimata was 3-0 at den Dreef in Leuven. For the little brothers of the Red Devils is the fourth consecutive victory in the qualifications for the european CHAMPIONSHIP. There are the Belgians, with a 17 to 21 authoritarian on the head, although Sweden virtual still at the same height.

Hungary had just three points behind group leaders Belgium in group 6 of the european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifications, and promised, therefore, a difficult task for the young Belgians. Still, the match early in a decisive move. A strong playing Samuel Bastien (Chievo, ex-Anderlecht) is sent after ten minutes Landry Dimata deep. The striker of Wolfsburg was held by the Hungarian Toth: immediately red. A few minutes later, paved captain Siebe Writers the path with a clever shot distance. The Belgians dominated, but Dimata was a cross for an open goal not between the posts deviëren and a delicious lob of Isaac Mbenza died on the inside of the post.

After the break, refined registrations and the home team is the male more. Mbenza painted the ball on the head of Lukebakio, which are nice in the farthest corner extended. A moment later, did Dimata the door for a Hungarian return fully closed when he tapped in the sixteen. From the dot kicked off, he’s 3-0 on the board. Also thereafter, the Belgian siege. Full Senna Miangue (Inter) took out time and time again the back line, but goalkeeper Demjen was alert on a handful of dangerous centers.

By the victory, Belgium now six points ahead of Hungary and Sweden. The Swedes have two matches less played and can, therefore, with two victories at the same height. For the Belgians waiting three away games in Malta, Hungary and Sweden.

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