Witness Stormy Daniels was the foreplay

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More than ten years ago, had a porn star and a former reality tv star having an affair in a hotel room. Which reality star is now president. Yet, the testimony of Stormy Daniels him actually hitting.

Anderson Cooper, say the Bavo Claes of American television, held his face for 60 minutes serious while porn star Stormy Daniels told how president Trump with a magazine hit …

Anderson Cooper, say the Bavo Claes of American television, held his face for 60 minutes serious while porn star Stormy Daniels told how president Trump with a journal slapped on the ass. And how they thought, ‘ugh, here we go’, right before they had sex in 2006. The hyped interview on Sunday night with Daniels (real name Stephanie Clifford) loved the American media and many viewers in the spell. (More about the interview you can read here.)

Day All content

It was not the first time that Cooper dry journalistic approach, focused on stories with a high Day All content. Two days ago interviewed he Karen McDougal, an ex-Playmate who is to say that in 2006, for months, had a relationship with Trump. Meanwhile, denies the White House everything.

Trump wants Stormy Daniels sue you for 20 million dollars damage to reputation. Stormy Daniels is ‘can openly talk about the affair and every effort, filed a lawsuit about the ‘zwijgcontract’ between the two of them.

As a political journalist aiming for Cooper high on the newsworthiness of the interview. On paper it looks all creamy and smooth. But ultimately say both McDougal as Daniels that the affair in mutual agreement were (reminder: at least 7 vrouwenhebben already said that Trump, the without the consent and against their will, sexually lastigviel). Everyone yesterday and today are so focused on Stormy Daniels seems to be one of the many unexplained mysteries of the mediawetten. Because…

We knew everything already

The celebrity magazine In Touch, wish in 2011 for a (much too long) interview with Stormy Daniels release in which all of the raunchy and for Trump embarrassing details. That licked then indirectly, and Daniels even went to the lie detector. The Wall Street Journal brought the story up again this year in remembrance. In addition to this, Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti, over the past weeks, also just about everything is already leaked. Even the fact that Trump, Daniels spoke with his daughter Ivanka (just as he also Karen McDougal in comparison with her daughter), was in January of conscience.

The constituency is not awake of

Donald Trumps most faithful supporters are the superconservatieve evangelical christians. They consider marriage as a sacrament and porn is of the devil. They are in shock now their president and his wife appeared to be cheating with a porn star? Think again. Fox News summed it up this morning adds. Conservative Christians review Trump is not on his faith, but on his actions. He protects the

freedom of religion.’ Conservative Christians already knew a lot longer, however, flesh in the cockpit. But as long as the president’s access to abortion continues to shrink, and religious companies the right to discriminate (for example, against female employers and homosexual clients) they are satisfied.

Tentatively slides this of Trump like water of a duck

That stations like CNN (the‘fake news’), so weighty to do on a stormy in a glass of water, is grist to the mill of the Trump fans. They see the mainstream media already as heavily biased against Trump. Several analysts also point out that Trump is not subject to the ordinary laws of the media. He has had so many embarrassing moments, which is always snowed under by other news.

The case Stormy Daniels is especially for the liberals is a matter of sensation and symbolism. Sensation, because a president who was a porn star, bribes to shut unseen would be. And symbolism, because a self-confident self-made woman, who has the president in his dress, many people in the taste. The Economist called her ‘immune to Trumps bullebakgedrag and thus a powerful emblem of Trumps weaknesses.’ Benjamin Wittes of the Lawfare Blog, called her ” an icon of this time’.

But perhaps that cannot last

The big question in the whole thing: made Trumps entourage is guilty of unlawful harassment and zwijgcontracten that might interfere in election time? Stormy Daniels said yesterday that she was threatened in a parking garage to mention. Can that be proven?

Two democratic senators and a number of ngos also want to give the FBI the case study. For Trumps lawyer paid 130 000 euro zwijggeld to the actress, so her story is the election of Trump is not in danger. That might fall under an illegal campagnegift. Can a judge be proven? Has Trumps lawyer, in an attempt the story to be buried, big blunders made or not?

And if the media circus around Stormy Daniels continues to take, will Trump itself than a car lies under oath?

For a judge to one of the two parties in the wrong sets, there is very little going on. The lawsuits start now. Trumps lawyer has already to trust in. “Maybe I take a nice vacation on Stormy’s money,” he said.

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