Widow Bennington wants advice for family

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Talinda, the wife of Chester Bennington, would like to have the annual tradition of a family to continue, and ask her followers for tips. The lead singer of the band Linkin Park got eight months ago from the life and his widow asked on Twitter desperately wondered how she ’hole’ he left behind must fill it.

Late Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington.

“It is time for our annual family photos. Does anyone have any tips for this tradition to continue now that we are in deep mourning for the loss of Chester. There is a hole in our family. But we stragglers have this annual tradition, especially for the little ones,” writes Talinda at a picture of her with Chester, and their three children.

Fans react with a variety of tips. The one advises on the photo of garments from Chester to wear while another suggests the children a picture of their father to wear. “Do what you always did and stay with the tradition. He will always be a part of the family and your pictures will remain, he will continue to live on in your wonderful children”, says a sympathetic fan.

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