Who do you think is The Mole?

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After the first episode of The Mole, there are already plenty of speculation about the identity of the saboteur in the game. Who suspect you the most?

The new season of The Mole in Mexico began immediately spectacular with ten candidates that are buried under the ground layers. By together to solve the riddles could the candidates themselves free. Only Pascale and Katrien were not there. Joan and Steve, who 2,500 euros were worth, were let freed by their other candidates.

In the following experiment were music connoisseurs, Channy and Bahador a mariachiband follow and five numbers to recognize. Meanwhile, had the other candidates a number of tasks to a good end. Only Kelly and Joke, you could test with dominosteentjes not to a good end. Bahador and Channy recognized but three songs and were also not in the correct chickens to grab.

In the last test had the candidates for each duo a steep rock descent, and in the meantime to answer a question. The fastest afdaler won a mysterious envelope with the cliffhanger of the first episode. It was Joke that the fastest went down, while she and Jeffrey have no money, and shrugged. Also Bahador and Lloyd could get their question correct answer.

Eventually there was so 6.750 euros earned in the first episode, while $ 14,000 was to win. Good work of the mole! After the elimination, it was Kelly who irrevocably sent home after an ex aequo. Also Joke left the group after opening her envelope.

Who made himself suspicious? In Cafe The Mol chose the most people for a naval officer Pascale, who only after several insistence of Steve suggested that she Pamela Anderson was. Moreover, they had at the rotsafdaling almost her question not read and could they did not to free himself from her grave. Jeffrey was again the prime suspect of Eline, the mole from last year, although that in basketball, however, the decisive throw was made. And the color of his face to see he was really scared during the descent. Bahador was not in five chickens to catch and also as a music connoisseur he made not the best impression.

Channy, Lloyd and Joan lay on the other hand very motivated to make as much money as possible to earn, already had Joke the key in her flashlight at first not noticed. More mystery there for now Katrien, Steve and Peter. That last is as a priest, by many deemed incapable to lie and deceive, but if there is one thing we have learned from episode one is that he already has no problem with a few hearty curses!

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