Weather delay Surinam 8 decemberproces

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PARAMARIBO – The for Tuesday’s planned session of the 8 decemberproces in Suriname. A clear reason is not given. In an official declaration that the court martial the hearing because of “special circumstances” do not let go.

On the role of Tuesday were the affairs of the defendants Stephen Dendoe, Ernst Gefferie and Iwan Dijksteel. Against all three of the Public prosecution service has twenty years of imprisonment demanded. Their lawyer, Irwin Kanhai was to turn to his plea. These cases were January 31, even though the role, but Kanhai asked for an extension because he needed more time.

The 8 decemberzaak turns on the murder of fifteen prominent Surinamese in december 1982. Prime suspect in the case is the current president of Suriname, Desi Bouterse. Also against him TO twenty years is required.

According to Hugo Essed, lawyer of the relatives of the victims, the delay has to do with the busy work of the judges. There is nothing special about the hand, he said to the ANP. “I have nothing officieels heard. The postponement of the case in January, additional work is completed for the judges and the griffer.”

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