Walace provokes HSV and back down the punishment

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HAMBURG – The Brazilian midfielder Walace seems to be well on the way to a fraction to force at Hamburger SV.

Walace seems to steer a fraction

The 22-year-old international was last week and already reset to the second team, after he had refused a central back to play for the team that is heading to relegation from the Bundesliga. Walace chose Sunday, a trip to Milan over a training. He also did not bother that trip to keep it a secret, because the Brazilian placed a number of photos on Instagram.

,,He must be Tuesday again in conversation, then he gets a new sanction of the club,” said trainer Christian Titz. The new coach of HSV wanted to Walace last week against Hertha BSC centrally in the back of drafting, but the Brazilian is no sense in it. He was then from the selection set and was also not in the stadium.

HSV paid at the beginning of last year, 9 million euros to Walace of Grêmio. A few months before, he had with the Brazilian national team olympic gold caught at the Games in Rio de Janeiro. He is until mid-2021 fixed in Hamburg.

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