VIDEO – Disgusting karatetrap in Argentina

d94aa1b0d148df0bd47455ef914f60d3 - VIDEO - Disgusting karatetrap in Argentina

In the Argentine second class went there last weekend, not exactly gently.

The absurd procedure of Martin Minadevino.

Brown de Adrogué-attacker Martin Minadevino produced after a half hour of football is a horrible violation of Gustava Turraca of Los Andes, which is full in the face was affected. The arbitrator did not hesitate and sent Minadevino of the field.

Turraca held a battered face over the foolish action of Minadevino, but it was only in the second half to the side. The 34-year-old Minadevino gave himself not to understand why he the field had to leave. Click here to view the images.


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