Van Halst does step back at FC Twente

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The role of technical director Jan van Halst at FC Twente is adjusted. The former player goes on as commercial director. Erik Velderman take immediately the job of general director. FC Twente is looking for a new technical director.

Jan van Halst.

Earlier on Monday night it was announced that coach Gertjan Verbeek immediately leave FC Twente. He is not even half a year in service has been at the club, which has now come down to the last place in the ranking of the Eredivisie. In that period, won FC Twente only one duel in the league, off at NAC.

Velderman: “Upon the arrival of Gertjan, expectations were high. Unfortunately, the otherwise extracted. That is for all of us a disappointment. The reason that Gertjan is also the role of technical manager held was that Jan himself was going to focus on commerce. That track we now express check-in.”

‘Performance is strong under pressure’

According to Van Halst was the executive board in the weekend it became clear that intervention was necessary. “We see that the turnaround is not forthcoming. Although we always have the hope that we the tide could return there this weekend a lot of new information come to us, also through the supervisory board. That made it clear that the support to fragile and that we can unfortunately not next to us. We must conclude, that there is a situation at the first team, where performance is heavily under pressure. The short-term results is now sacred and that means that we say goodbye to Gertjan Verbeek.”

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