U.S. and EU countries put dozens of Russian diplomats from

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The United States will send 60 Russian diplomats out of the country. Also fourteen EU member states have decided to . That has Donald Tusk confirmed.

The United States point due to Russia attributed to poison gas attack on the former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in England sixty Russian ‘spies’, so has the White House announced Monday.

It is going to be 48 ‘well-known people from the intelligence services and 12 others of the Russian mission to the UN. They have seven days to leave USA. “The US prepared a better relationship with Russia and (to) build, but only if the Russian government of attitude changes’, as stated in the communiqué.

Also, the Russian consulate in Seattle is closed. Washington motivates this by referring to the close vicinity of a duikbootbasis and a large part of the installations of the aviation, aerospace and defensieconcern Boeing.

European Union

Fourteen member states of the European Union on Monday decided to Russian diplomats out of the country to convert from a protest against the poisoning of the former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal in the Uk Salisbury at the beginning of this month. That has European president Donald Tusk Monday announced.

Monday around 15.00 hours created a number of member states, their decision simultaneously known. So France, Germany and Poland, each with four diplomats out of the country. The Czech republic put three diplomats at the door, and Denmark, the Netherlands and Italy two each. Tusk closed out in the next few days and weeks even more diplomats to Russia to be returned.


Since the summit of the European heads of state and government last week to endorse all the member states, the thesis of the British government that Russia most likely behind the attack was. Immediately after the summit was the ambassador of the European Union in Moscow already recalled for consultations in Brussels. The leaders spoke as to further action to co-ordinate.

The Kremlin showed Monday already understood that Russia will respond to the uitwijzingen of Russian diplomats. “The mutuality principle will still apply,” said spokesman Dmitry Peskov. That happened even after the British government in a first reaction on the gifaanval more than twenty Russians the country had turned off.

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