Turkish media: a Dutch spy was arrested

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ISTANBUL – The Dutch spy A. Z. is following the Turkish media picked up. He would for the MIVD in Istanbul have worked and evidence have sought to demonstrate that the Turkish military intervention in the northern province in Syria Afrin ties between Turkey and the terrorist organisation IS. The ministry of Foreign Affairs does not want to spend more than that it is “the messages are investigating.”

According to the Turkish media he would be “false information and false documents” have produced a “Turkey black,” and thereby large sums of money paid to informers from the Syrian opposition. He would information have asked about the Free Syrian Army (FSA), which for Turkey against the Kurdish YPG, who fought in Afrin, and want to know where her weapons and ammunition came from. He was also supposed to information have asked about the pilots that the military intervention had been used.

A. Z. would be the Dutch consulate in Istanbul have used for meetings with NGOS and left-wing groups that are against the Turkish military operations in Afrin have done. Protest against the invasion of the Turkish armed forces in Afrin, is a serious offense in Turkey, and leads quickly to arrest for “support of terrorism.” A. Z. said during the meetings that he is an officer of the Dutch ministry of Defence, as is the story.

There is on Turkish websites also a photo of A. Z., which he and two other men in the centre of Istanbul met. The Turkish intelligence services followed him for quite some time and kept him continuously in the holes, so to read. He used a diplomatic passport and was, according to the Turkish media earlier in Afghanistan.


The Dutchman would also often e-mail address have changed, deliberately public transport are used, and a so-called jammer have used in order to prevent him on his cell phone was bugged. With these measures he would have wanted to prevent him by the Turkish intelligence service was caught.

A. Z. would diplomatic immunity enjoy. The question is whether Turkey is turned off. The countries are about this, according to the Turkish media in contact with each other, all have Turkey and the Netherlands since last year march no ambassadors more in each other’s countries.

For now there is from the government not yet responded to the allegations in the Turkish media. A spokeswoman for Foreign Affairs lets you know to be familiar with the allegations in the media. Behind the scenes is in The Hague to hear that a part of the story, namely that Turkey about this diplomatically to the call has drawn, in any case is not correct.


Turkey and the Netherlands sitting since last year march in a diplomatic crisis. Over and Over again are ambassadors withdrawn. Calls delivered until now nothing.

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