Trump does not believe that Daniels is threatened

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WASHINGTON – Donald Trump does not believe that porno Stormy Daniels is threatened to her to get him alone. This is reported by the White House as a response to an interview Daniels gave to the CBS.

Donald Trump

In the Sunday broadcast interview, the porno about the sexual encounter that they have with Trump in 2006 on a golf resort would have had. According to Daniels, she has in 2016 a non-disclosure agreement about her night with Trump drawn. Before that, she received 130.000 dollar, says the actress.


According to Daniels, she was in 2011 at a car park in Las Vegas is threatened by an unknown man who asked her Trump to leave alone. Daniels was then accompanied by her daughter. “That is a beautiful little girl. Would not it be a pity if her mother something to happen’, the man would have said.

Trump denied earlier that he was having an affair with Stormy Daniels. He did it Monday via the White House again.

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