The second season of Legion is coming

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There is a excess of example and series, but occasionally there appears another one that stands head and shoulders above the average extends: such a sequence is Legion. And there is good news, because the second season is coming.

In the previous season made the viewer acquainted with David Haller, who, since he child is from one psychiatric institution in the other reaches. Until he became acquainted with Syd, and he understood that the voices he hears and the visions that he has ever really could be.

The sequel takes place after the evil force of David’s body has left, and he was kidnapped by a mysterious sphere. The man has to contend with memory loss and ends up in a totally changed world, with gekkere, surrealistischere and more interesting storylines as a result. All the registers were again opgengetrokken to the viewer a series of to serve that’s just slightly different than the uniformity that the tube floods. Spectacle, a dreamy atmosphere and strong performances characterize this science-fictionpareltje, with nods to the work of Stanley Kubrick, Wes Anderson and David Lynch.

Legion is based on the eponymous X-Men-spinoff of Marvel Comics. Producers Noah Hawley and John Cameron and director Tim Mielants (who previously signed for the o.a. Code 37, Professor T and Cordon) worked diligently and faithfully to the series.

Legion from 4 april re-start, to 20u35 on FOX.

FOX is also found in the bouquet of Entertainment Channels of Proximus TV

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