The Mole wipes Kelly

21418cb7856803d8a9e327dcd1651cfc - The Mole wipes Kelly

The Mole struck Sunday night mercilessly for the 32-year-old Kelly from Laarne. The psychologist was during the first episode of The Mole, a red screen and if the game is immediately abandoned. As a psychologist, thought Kelly an advantage to have in the search for The Mole, but nothing is less true. What the room even heavier is the fact that there is another candidate that is as correct answers managed to give the 20 questions that the candidates during the eliminatieproef. Kelly, however, was slower and therefore was the loser. Kelly told Sunday evening in a comment that she’s sick of her quick exit. Only about 40 hours after the hard verdict was hearing, she fell finally in her hotel room to sleep. Secretly hoped Kelly that they in one way or another back in the game would get and in the newspapers of “media house”, gives Kelly that they’re even on the plane home and secretly hoped that she still would come to get. But unfortunately, that happiness should Kelly not experienced.

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