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The mole win the battle for Sunday night

d598e35fa5dab150dde825a57369f81c - The mole win the battle for Sunday night

It was a gamble of Four to The mole to move to the Sunday night, but the first episode took blindly a million viewers.

By all sorts of strategic and random decisions, it is Sunday night all of a sudden the Flemish tv-evening of choice. Until recently it had the VRT on Sunday to say, because the commercial channels, absolutely nothing did, except for foreign movies or series programming. They kept their kijkcijferkanonnen, Blind, married, and The mole, ready for Monday night.

Now, the reboot of The three wise men with Kobe Ilsen as a presenter (last year on One a few times, good for one and a half million viewers) on Sunday for The mole opposite him on Four. VTM program with Farmer seeks wife. Three old formats so, from under the dust removed in the battle to the viewer.

Provisionally, it seems that The mole wins. The first episode went out yesterday about million: 1.039.537 viewers to be exact. The three wise men stopped 969.936 viewers. The big loser was VTM, Farmer seeks wife got no further than 525.416 viewers. In condoning: it is tentative, but at 2 ‘introduction-episodes’, in which the five farmers will be presented. The program shoot only after the summer out of the starting blocks.

Four sent then Café De mol, in which each past episode nagekaart with well-known and less well-known ‘molloten’. That program took yesterday of 450,000 viewers.

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