’The Fonz’: humor you can’t teach

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Henry Winkler was in the 70 world-renowned as a cool motorcycle enthusiast Arthur ’The Fonz’ Fonzarelli in Happy Days. The actor has, however, until the day of today have no idea how your engine runs.

“Of leather jackets, I know something, but of motors: no,” laughs the 72-year-old about the rock’n’ roll-style of Fonzie. He is a lot more serious when he talks about a different skill that he was not under the knee it had at the beginning of his acting career: read. Winkler is dyslexic, but came there only when he was 31 years old and already two years in Happy Days played. “I learned the script as soon as possible from my head, and the pieces that I then couldn’t remember, scene I.”

Since his dyslexiediagnose has the actor making some significant moves. He was not only reading books, but was even the author; of his series of kids Hank Zipzer, a dyslexic boy, which was published more than twenty parts.

V. l.n.r.: Ron Howard, Anson Williams, Henry Winkler and Don Most from the series Happy Days


Improvisation is, however, he never abandoned. Also during the filming of his new series, Barry dropped Winkler the script as often as possible los. The actor plays from Monday in the HBO-series Gene, the acteercoach of the titelpersonage, a role of Bill Hader. The comedian wrote Barry. Winkler: “And he gave me more than once to ask: should I text maybe once hear as I ‘m have written? But that improvisation is to me, so ingrained, that I don’t even doorheb that I do it.”

Barry is a black comedy about a hit man who is a career changer wants to make, and to be an actor. Winkler was immediately sold when he made the scenario read. “It was as if I cashmere handed got, while most scripts are more a katoenmix.”

Although he is both in front of the camera and behind the scenes as a producer with different genres has worked, going to comedy Winkler is the easiest. “Humor is a God-given talent. That you can’t teach. Timing you need to feel.” He is naturally funny, noticed the actor early on. “I did it because of my dyslexia terribly bad at school. I was ashamed of myself really for, but knew that feeling to be replaced by humor. I could not come, but I she could make you laugh. I used that, and I never stopped.”

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