Tensions in Catalonia walk on

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BARCELONA – The tensions in Catalonia walk again. In legal and political terms, but also in the streets of Barcelona, now marketed Catalan leader Puigdemont in Germany is arrested.

Carles Puigdemont

So right Pablo Llarena police protection of Justice. Llarena is responsible for the prosecution of Puigdemont and twelve other Catalan politicians for the afscheidingspoging the end of October. After the arrest of Puigdemont, and the imprisonment of five other Catalan politicians were threats to his address, but also that of his wife is expressed.

“Their house is not abandoned”, had to read on banners during demonstrations in the centre of Barcelona. Also at his home in Girona are threats. During the demonstrations Sunday night fell eighty lichtgewonden, under whom the twelve agents.


The Spanish police made Sunday announced that Puigdemont in Germany could be arrested, because there is a gps transmitter in his car was placed. Twelve Spanish agents of the intelligence service CNI followed his course and warned their German colleagues, when Puigdemont Sunday morning in a Renault Espace, together with four others to the German-Danish border is crossed.

Puigdemont was Sunday behind closed doors heard, after he the night in pre-trial detention is spent in the cell in Neumünster. Within sixty days the German justice to decide on his extradition. That would have to be done on the basis of article 81 of the German constitution, which pronounces on ’high treason’, a similar crime as a ’rebellion’ in Spain. The German judge has ruled that Puigdemont provisionally stuck.

Session announced

The legal battle around the Catalan leaders also explains the government formation in the region of lamb. Chairman Roger Torrent for Wednesday, a session of ’El Parliament’ convened, either Puigdemont, or the activist Jordi Sanchez or Jordi Turull, to appoint as regional president. They are all behind bars in connection with the failed afscheidingspoging and so Madrid is unacceptable.

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