Taxis paralyse Brussels protest

74cf24fc154e38eb99d7bb71d2cdee64 - Taxis paralyse Brussels protest

BRUSSELS – In Brussels threatens Tuesday, a traffic chaos by the actions of the taxi industry. The police recommend motorists to their car to leave.

From 05.00 hours in the morning is severe traffic disruption is expected because discursive taxi drivers the access roads to the Belgian capital block. Also on the larger arterials within the city and in the direction of Zaventem airport want to the approximately eight hundred protesters in the traffic as much as possible, hinder.

Subway cars and trains are running normally, but buses and trams can be hampered by the protests. To make the chaos even bigger to make Tuesday afternoon a demonstration that from the north station crosses the city.

The protest is organized by the Belgian Taxifederatie (Febet) from rage against Uber, the internet company that mediates between passengers and drivers.

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