Stormy Daniels does not come with proof of relationship Trump

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Washington – Porn actress Stormy Daniels has a book opened on her alleged relationship with Donald Trump. In the long-awaited interview with the news program ’60 minutes’ claimed she also that she and her daughter were threatened by an unknown man who has her in a parking lot in Las Vegas warned to continue to be silent about the affair.

The man would, while Daniels was on his way to the fitness club, to the daughter have looked and have said that the sin would be like her mother, something might happen’.

No evidence

Daniels ‘ lawyer Michael Avenatti, who ever Democrats helped with opposition research during their campaign, left for the interview hinting that Daniels, with evidence for its relationship with Trump would come. But that was not the case during the exclusive interview with journalist Anderson Cooper that previously was included.

Avenatti says that Trump and his personal lawyer Michael Cohen with their intimidation as gangsters behave.

Cohen showed Daniels a week and a half before the elections zwijgcontract signs. He would have her without the knowledge of Trump to 130,000 dollars from his own pocket, paid. Not because he acknowledged that Daniels told the truth, but because he felt that her claims to be harmful for the Republican presidential candidate. The question is whether Cohen verkiezingsregels has violated with his deposit by critics is seen as illicit campaign funding.


Every time Daniels the zwijgcontract break they would get a million dollars should pay. According to Cohen, the counter is already at 20 million.

The 39-year-old Daniels (her real name is Stephanie Clifford) was just before the elections of several U.s. media money offered to tell her story that already was spent in the US. As she had in 2011 for $ 15,000 an interview given on the relationship to the magazine ‘In Touch’, but the publication did not go through because Cohen with a lawsuit threatened.

She says just before the ballot, in 2016 the demand for a zwijgcontract of the Trump lawyer to have accepted because she was scared for the safety and privacy of her family if her story would do.

Trump would be in 2006, the then 27-year-old Daniels have to know during a golf tournament for celebrities in Lake Tahoe and then to have had sexual intercourse without a condom, answered the porn actress on a question of Cooper. This would have happened a few months after Trumps wife Melania had given birth of their son, Barron. According to Daniels, there was no compulsion and she is not a victim, she said that she knew what could happen when she is with Trump along at the hotel room.

Daniels has several times denied that the affair has taken place, but now wants to come out. For all the lies about her are told to speak. She tries with her lawyer under the zwijgcontract to come, that in their eyes is not valid because Trump himself is not signed.

They seems to be together with her lawyer there to hint that they are possibly photos, video, or text messages have evidence for the relationship deliver. But those were yesterday handed over. However, claimed that Trump her leash held by her to play a part, promise in his tv program ’The Celebrity Apprentice’ and she said that the vastgoedtycoon in the beginning of their encounter only about himself, bragging and that she with him had to watch a documentary about sharks.

Daniels has her income since all the fuss up a lot shooting. So is her striptease act ‘Make America Horny Again’ (a spoof on Trump’s slogan ” Make America Great Again’) very well visited. White House staff say that Daniels is only on the money and publicity from.

Democrats hope that the conservative christian constituency of Trump will turn away from the president through the scandal. But there seems to be nothing to disclaim.

Trump did not respond to the interview. He has on Twitter never anything about Daniels self-reported. The president was in the weekend in his country retreat at Mar-a-Lago, along with First Lady Melania. He flew the plane for the interview, which was broadcast back to the White House. Melania remained in Florida for there spring break to celebrate.

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