Steven Spielberg: “Netflix-movies don’t belong at the Oscars”

2cc1dab1d6e9be935411033b2aa56e38 - Steven Spielberg: "Netflix-movies don't belong at the Oscars"

The celebrated director Steven Spielberg has spoken out against the admission of Netflix movies at the Academy Awards. The 71-year-old filmmaker, known for blockbusters like ‘Jaws’ and ‘Jurassic Park’, you will find that the film industry now more than ever, under pressure by the emergence of streamingplatformen as Netflix. In an interview with the British ITV News sets Spielberg that “if a film is made with the intention to a television format, the product is a tv movie and not a movie”.

In the margin of his promotion tour for his new, futuristic film ‘Ready Player One’ has Spielberg talking about the revised force field between bioscoopreleases and television projects. During his 50-year career, his many innovations in the tv and cinema passed the revue, ranging from digital cameras to blu-ray, but the filmmaker was always critical of the necessity of technological innovations.

Spielberg swears by the classic approach of making films and distributing, and the most recent target of his skepticism are streamingplatformen like Amazon and Netflix. “I find that films that are less than a week, the cinema will be shown, as some of Netflix own productions, would not be allowed to compete for an Oscar. Once you have a movie with the idea of getting it on tv broadcast, is the product of a tv-movie. Then you will earn no Oscar,” said the American.

“Television is now a clear danger for the movie,” he warns. With the release of his last effort “The Post”, he urged the viewers have to the film “in the cinema to see” and the “not available on Netflix”.

Last weekend, still came the news that Netflix movies will henceforth be excluded from the competition at the Cannes film Festival.

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