Statue of David Bowie revealed

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In the Uk, the Aylesbury, northwest of London, yesterday the world’s first statue of the 2016 death rockicoon David Bowie revealed. Reports that the British musician magazine NME. A fan came up with the idea and collected the necessary money through crowd-funding. The bust stands at the place where Bowie first performed in the guise of Ziggy Stardust, early 70s.

Two years after his death, there is the first statue of Bowie. The sculpture shows Bowie in the several appearances that he in the course of his career took. The fan David Stopps was the driving force behind the initiative: he took to crowdfunding platform Kickstarter £ 100,000 (n 114.250 euro) for the sculpture. According to Stopps, is a third of the donated money is coming from outside the United Kingdom.

The statue was designed by Andrew Sinclair. It is lighted, contains a webcam, and above the image are the speakers confirmed. Every hour between 9 am and 9 pm in the evening will be a David Bowie song to be played.

“When he died in 2016, there was immediately a surge of emotion in the village. We had us gathered here, and a few days later there was 2000 man. We thought about a monument to David Bowie to honor,” said Stopps to the newspaper The Telegraph.

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