Southgate: ‘Italy still very good”

1428a6b807085791e2d672e61762ca6f - Southgate: 'Italy still very good"

LONDON – national Coach Gareth Southgate of England looks in Italy, a more than formidable opponent. That the country for the first time since sixty years, missing out on the world cup does for this, according to him.

Gareth Southgate kicks a ball on the training

,,They see the match at Wembley really not as a required number,” said Southgate in a preview at the meeting on Tuesday between both countries. ,,I expect an opponent who us proud and highly motivated to meet occurs. I believe absolutely not that the country is in talk way bad.”

In preparation for the wereldtitelstrijd won England Friday in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Southgate announced the lineup change. ,,I look not only to the upcoming summer, but also what happens afterwards. Also after the world cup we want to continue to perform well and in the schedule I keep now in mind.”

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