Soon the curtain falls on spionageserie “The Americans”

b72b9fa1c59889e27b18de5505529df8 - Soon the curtain falls on spionageserie "The Americans"

About two days sends the American television channel FX, the first episode of the sixth and final season of “The Americans”, a television series about two Russian spies with a false American identity. The last ten episodes will play out in 1987, when the United States and the Soviet Union, a treaty, close to a large number of missiles with a medium range to destroy.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly has producer Joe Weisberg lift a tip of the veil. Paige Jennings, the daughter of the protagonists, Elizabeth and Philip Jennings, will play a big role in the-like spy missions that her parents lead. “This is really the dream of Elizabeth,” explains Weisberg. “She has her daughter long prepared for this work, and now she sees it finally happen.”

In a podcastinterview with the magazine Variety testifies actress Keri Russell about her role as the Russian spy Elizabeth Jennings. “This is by far the most fun role I’ve ever played. I may be a fierce, determined woman play. She has qualities that you don’t quickly with a female protagonist associates.”

The last season of “The Americans” is broadcast from 28 march to 30 may on the Us channel FX. Or the series quickly in Europe, is broadcast, is not yet known.

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