Seven powerstemmen deal with unique covers

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After the most successful season so far – good for almost 900.000 viewers and 35.5% market share (VVA 18-54, live +7) – make Love for Music is ready for a new topeditie. Therein address seven powerstemmen with unique covers of other’s hits. Helmut Lotti, Jasper Steverlinck, Cocojr., Sarah and Gert Bettens of K’s Choice, Niels Destadsbader, Silvy De Bie from Sylver and the Netherlands Sharon den Adel of Within Temptation warming up the votes for an unforgettable musical adventure.

Whether they are recently broken up or been years in the profession: the artists have their mark in the music world, earned it. Both at the national and international level. With a surprising mix of pop, metal, classic, rock, slow, dance, and reggae are the most diverse genres of music this season represented. The artists know each number to attract and conjure up the covers more than once in order to éigen numbers.

In the Spanish Sitges near Barcelona, the group of a late indian summer. In the breathtaking Gran Villa Rosa they will have a week-long stay, relax and especially a lot of fun. The backdrop for the musical performances is located in Sant Pere De Ribes. There are all kinds of musical boundaries have been broken. Of symphonic metal in a Lotti jacket or K’s Choice in a one-piece mix. Surprising covers and kippenvelmomenten are already insured.

That Love for Music is really what brings about on a musical level, was also last season clearly. Only Ed Sheeran was the program in the list of best-selling albums of the year. On YouTube, I Want You Back, the cover of Clouseau, more than 1.5 million views. The hits of all artists stormed the charts, and until today is still played live at concerts. The seven powerstemmen of this season, and stand ready for musical fireworks.

The flawless engelenstem of Jasper Steverlinck was hear for the first time in his rock band Arid. Later, his popular solo work, with a strong cover of Life On Mars as outlier. “For the love of Music is a musical playground,” says Jasper. “You can and should run in every direction with a repertoire. Music is universal and very, very, very different. What’s extra exciting is that the original artist just right for your nose. And or I surprised been am!”

Silvy De Bie grew with the popular dance formation Sylver to an icon from the nillies. She scored numerous top 10 hits by a whole generation to be sung. Turn The Tide is a classic and resulted in a European breakthrough. “As a fan of the first hour I have always wanted to participate in for the Love of Music,” says Silvy. “It’s totally my thing and gives me the chance to be a other Silvy show. Capturing helmut’s style of music is the farthest from ours, so it was very special to him, a number of Sylver to hear you sing. For myself, it was the repertoire of Niels the biggest challenge. Who knows, I dare me to the English (wink).”

25 years ago, debuted Sarah and Gert Bettens even if modest, brother and sister. Their band K’s Choice broke worldwide and is, after 25 years, still a household name in the Belgian rock scene. “We are happy that we are allowed to participate,” say Sarah and Gert. “In previous seasons we were very impressed by the quality of the music. It is not often that artists are still so gefeatured be on television. And admit, what could be finer than to make music together at the pool?”

For Niels Destadsbader is for the Love of Music is a logical sequel to a phenomenal musical year. A MIA, the Hit, 44 weeks Ultratop, a platinum-album: they made him the musical breakthrough of the past year. “As a young guest happened sometimes that a song covered from a musical hero”, says Niels. “That they now do the reverse with my songs is a bit crazy. For the love of Music is for me a huge chance to show who I am and where I stand or what I amusing find. Hopefully people find that as amusing as I do.”

Helmut Lotti is the most popular classical singer in Flanders has ever known. Elvis impersonator about Flemish singer to more than 10 million records sold: the fairy tale is known. He is currently working on a successful Comeback Tour. “I’ve always hoped that I would be prompted to for the Love of Music. That this is now happening with this group is just fantastic. What I expect from it? That I make my fellow artists happy with my versions of their songs. And that I of my own songs versions will hear that I never could have imagined. Nothing is as beautiful as the love for music!”

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