’Russia is with balanced response’

61c33e464de88781ff24b67917c8030b - ’Russia is with balanced response’

MOSCOW – The Russian authorities are examining the coming days on a response to the expulsion of diplomats by western countries. That said an anonymous source within the Russian ministry of Foreign Affairs at news agency RIA.

British soldiers in white overalls are making a car to take away in connection with the gifaanval.

“The response will be symmetrical. We are going for the next few days to work and will countries turn a reaction”, said the source, according to RIA.

Previously a member of the Russian upper house, Vladimir Dzjabarov, already indicated that Russia has at least 60 employees of U.s. diplomatic posts will show. That reported news agency Interfax, however, that does not indicated how Dzjabarov came to that conclusion. The authorities still have no counter measures were announced.

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