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Positive financial balance sheet for Italian first graders

cc39acb370daed524e35e919d01caa2a - Positive financial balance sheet for Italian first graders

For the first time since the season 1999-2000 the Serie A clubs in 2016-17 joint a positive net result was achieved, namely, three million euro. That reports the Gazzetta dello Sport on Monday. The leading sports also draws attention to the increasing indebtedness of the Italian first graders.

In the season (2015-2016) turned the Serie A clubs together with a loss of 222 million euros. The season 2014-2015 was the worst of the ten past years: 365 million euro loss, according to the calculations of La Gazzetta.

For the season 2016-2017 can eleven clubs to have a positive results, nine clubs were in the red. Napoli did it best with 66,6 million euro profit. Followed by Juventus with 42,6 million euro. Lazio Rome completes the podium (+11.4 million). According to La Gazzetta can these positive results be explained in part by the capital gain on transfers (such as that of Gonzalo Higuain (Napoli to Juventus) and Paul Pogba (Juventus to Manchester United)).

Less rosy was the AC Milan, 74.9 million euro loss turned. AS Roma was not well with 41,7 million euro loss, like Inter Milan (-24,6 million).

The sales of the Series A-clubs increases to 2.26 billion euros, compared with 2.02 billion in the previous season. La Gazzetta underlines, however, the growing indebtedness of clubs. Which is for the first time more than two billion euros (2.1 billion), compared to 1,87 billion in 2015-16.

Finally, the sports that the Italian clubs very much depend on tv rights, accounted for 56 percent of sales.

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