‘Paris Hilton loses expensive engagement ring during night out’

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Paris Hiltons stapavondje finite-Friday night (local time) in a panic. The hotelerfgename danced in Miami so wild, that her very expensive engagement ring from her finger, flew.

After a frantic search revealed the huge diamond in a champagne cooler.

Hilton was, according to eyewitnesses hysterical when she got her engagement ring was lost. The socialite showed of her upcoming Chris Zylka and an army of guards searching for the ring, which reportedly 2 million dollars (over 1.6 million) worth.

“There was diligently searched. People crawling on the floor, under the tables, looked under the feet of other visitors and under the chairs,” said an eyewitness to Page Six. According to him it is “a miracle” that the engagement ring back is found.


The blonde continued to cry, even when the jewelry two tables away from a champagne cooler was fished. Only when the ring back on her finger sat, calmed the 37-year-old somewhat.

The 32-year-old Zylka went at the beginning of this year during a skiing holiday in Aspen to his knees. Hilton said earlier, still no idea when exactly they are going to marry. “It’s going to be this year yet to happen.”


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