No breakthrough at the summit meeting of EU and Turkey

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VARNA Summit meeting between the EU and Turkey, has not led to a breakthrough. EU president Donald Tusk acknowledged that no compromises are reached, but expressed the hope that the parties in the future will still draw closer to each other.

Donald Tusk (l) and Recep Tayyip Erdogan (r) shake hands before the eyes of Boyko Borissov (m).

Tusk and European commission President Jean-Claude Juncker spoke in the Bulgarian port city of Varna, the Turkish president Recep Erdogan. It came to a range of sensitive issues. The EU is more worried about the Turkish incursion in the Syrian region of Afrin, the Turkish rule of law and the detention of EU citizens in the country.

,,I have already expressed our concerns. It was a long list,” said Tusk. Erdogan proposed to be hoped that the EU and his country in the difficult period in their relationship behind them have left. He said that Turkey,a democratic rule of law” is that human rights and fundamental respects.

In the waiting room

Turkey is in the waiting room for the EU to become a member, but that process is a little shot. The Turkish leader had in the run-up to the summit called upon the eu accession process to breathe new life into.

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