Netflix-films excluded from competition for Golden Palm

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Last year Netflix made its debut at the Cannes film Festival and were allowed to “Okja, “The Meyerowitz Stories” will compete for a Golden Palm, but this year will not be the case. The organizers have Netflix and other streaming services excluded from the competition, report different American media.

Last year led to the decision of festival director Thierry Fremaux to movies of streamingbedrijven to allow, to bright protest. French film-makers and trade unions condemned the decision almost immediately. None of the two participating Netflix movies last year won a Golden Palm, but the tone of the debate was already taken.

“I was willing to do a certain amount of risk to take with that decision, at least for one year, so the festival would not stagnate,” said Fremaux to The Hollywood Reporter. The festival director is hoping that he with this decision, Netflix was able to convince to watch movies in the cinema, but that plan failed. “I was arrogant, and they (Netflix, red.) refused,” said Fremaux.

After the negotiations with Netflix afsprongen, the film Festival of Cannes are competitiereglement adjusted. From this year, the participating films are screened in French movie theaters. “The people of Netflix are big on the red carpet and would love to compete for a Golden Palm, but they understand that their rigid distribution model antagonistic towards our model,” explains the festival director.

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