Lieke Martens after a seven-year bachelor

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After a relationship of seven years is Lieke Martens again single. Despite the fact that the stervoetbalster best lonely since the break-up with Kevin Koolhof, she’s not pathetic. “,,I can, I save me. I’m not so fast difficult. I feel a strong woman.”

After her transfer to FC Barcelona lived Lieke and Kevin together in the Spanish city. The 25-year-old soccer star will not say why the two from each other, but according to her, not by her sudden celebrity status. “I am really not changed. There is nothing meet to do”, as she tells the Volkskrant.

Lieke entertained to say excellent in Barcelona, but they don’t see it sitting there, even after her career to continue. “Football is my life. Therefore, I make conscious choices to be a better football player. But after my career I’m going to live in the Netherlands though. One hundred percent.”

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