Lawyer Puigdemont: ‘Decision can still take months’

072c24ddb4c1fc5a419cfb94916f2c3c - Lawyer Puigdemont: ‘Decision can still take months’

The Belgian lawyer of the Sunday in Germany arrested Carles Puigdemont expected that a decision on the arrest warrant against the Catalan ex-president still can long lasting.

“It can be weeks or even months before it is clear what will happen with my client. There is meanwhile a German lawyer is appointed, I have already been in contact with him, ” says Paul Bekaert, the Belgian lawyer of the Catalan politician.

Puigdemont was Sunday morning arrested after he with the car, the border between Denmark and Germany had been crossed. “He was on the way back from Finland to Belgium, and took the car to luchthavencontroles to avoid,” says his lawyer.

According to Bekaert, it is no coincidence that he was only arrested when he was in Denmark and Sweden all had left. That would be countries who suspects less smoothly deliver, claimed the defence counsel. ‘Puigdemont was only thirty kilometers past the border picked up. The chance is real that the Spanish police her German colleagues has tipped.’

Sixty days

It is now up to the court in the town of Schleswig to decide whether Puigdemont held. “I’m going to Germany,” says Bekaert. “I have with my client had any contact since he was arrested. There is a German lawyer is appointed. His case is sent to the court of appeal. That court would conditionally release, but a final decision could still be weeks, even months.”

The maximum time limit for a final decision on the extradition of Puigdemont Spain, on the basis of a European arrest warrant, is sixty days.

Spain satisfied

The Spanish government has been the arrest, Carles Puigdemont, meanwhile, welcomed. “The arrest is good news and shows that the institutions work’, as quoted from news agency Europa Press , the Spanish deputy prime minister Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, in a first official comment from Madrid.

The German minister of Justice, Katarina Barley, against news agency Reuters then again said not to want to respond as long as the ball is in the camp of the judiciary.

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