Lana Del Rey: lawsuit Radiohead is over

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The lawsuit between Lana Del Rey and Radiohead is over. The singer told during a performance in São Paulo that the dispute is about the song Creep is solved.

Lana Del Rey

“Now my trial is over, can I use this song to sing when I want, right?”, thus, the 32-year-old singer, who no further details wanted to let go.

Radiohead accused Lana Del Rey in January of plagiarism. The band believes that they are the number Creep has stolen for Get Free, a track on her latest album Lust for Life. “It is true what concerns the charge”, showed the singer at the time know on Twitter. “While I certainly know that my song is not inspired by Creep, Radiohead of and want to one hundred percent of the proceeds – I have forty percent of the commandments, but they only accept a hundred.”

The record label of Radiohead, Warner/Chappell Music, came a few days later with a different version of the story. “It is clear that the chorus of Get Free has similarities with the chorus to Creep, and we have the satisfaction asked for all the authors of Creep”, was the statement. “There is no lawsuit filed, and Radiohead has said that they will have only a hundred percent of the proceeds of the Get Free to accept.”

How the issue between the two is resolved, is not clear. The band has not yet responded to the statement from Del Rey.

Ironically, it exhibits Creep in the field of music also some resemblance with a different number, namely The Air that I Breathe by The Hollies, written by Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood. Radiohead was therefore a lawsuit because of plagiarism, and the duo now – in addition to the band – if medeschrijvers be called.

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