K-pop star Minwoo (33) died of cardiac arrest

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Gangnam – Seo Minwoo, frontman of the South Korean pop group 100%, died of a cardiac arrest. The 33-year-old star was on Sunday found dead in his home in Gangnam, Seoul.

Seo Minwoo, frontman of K-pop group 100%

The K-pop group 100% debuted in september 2012 and has five members. On 14 February, the group made a comeback in Japan with their third Japanese single, ’Song For You’. The management of T. O. P. Media made an official statement to come out, following the death of Minwoo.

The statement reads as follows:

“This is T. O. P. Media.

I’m sorry you this sudden, heartbreaking news.

On march 25, left the artist Seo Minwoo us. The deceased turned out to be a cardiac arrest in his home in Gangnam, Seoul. The emergency services were on the spot, but he turned out to be death. We mourn while this is sad news, his family, members of 100%, T. O. P. Media, colleagues and other celebrities reached. Minwoo has his group members very well guided, as the oldest of the team, and he was a good friend who is sincere of his group and his fans loved.

Our grief is that much greater, because everyone that Minwoo knew, know how friendly and dedicated he is. The funeral will be in a closed circle, according to the wishes of the next of kin.”

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