Jörgen Developing: “I get pocket money”

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When Jörgen Developing two years ago was dismissed by the NPO, he became in acute need of money. Meanwhile, television and theatre-maker out of the doldrums and he has his wife asked from now on the finance to pay attention to. “I get pocket money.”

Jörgen Developing

That tells Developing today in the Financieele Dagblad. “When no one saw something in the tv formats that I was, I said to my wife Sheila, that I might but something with the radio was going. That medium was an old love of me. The next day I was asked for the BNR program, Ask me Anything to present. Fantastic, it suits me.”

In the interview emphasizes Developing the perseverance of his now 78-year-old mother has played an important role in his life. “I was after the death of my sister back to the Netherlands, where my then-girlfriend, it was, quite rightly, by the way, because I was cheating on you. I studied in Rotterdam, but I lost myself in the nightlife of Amsterdam, where friends are easy to drugs could come.”

Then one day someone asked him the fee for a package to Germany, and he was about to do, thought of Developing suddenly what his mother would mean he would be arrested. “Then she was mine to lose. Her strength has given me strength to get out of that valley to climb.”

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