Jörgen Developing get pocket money from woman

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Presenter Jörgen Developing, in 2017 announced a large debt to have, says that his wife is finance manages. Of her get, he is also an amount that he is allowed to spend.

“I get pocket money,” he says in the interview with The Financieele Dagblad. In total, Developing about 600,000 in debts, which he received after his dismissal from the NPO in 2016.

His wife helped him to return to work. “When no one saw something in the tv formats that I was, I said to my wife Sheila, that I might but something with the radio was going. That medium was an old love of me. The next day I was asked for the BNR program, Ask me Anything to present. Fantastic, it suits me.”

He teaches every day at the program, says the 51-year-old presenter. “I go every night to be smarter to go to bed than I was that morning am risen.”

Greater power

Developing think that there is “a greater power” is that him with this kind of positive levensontwikkelingen helps.

“I crank my wishes out into the universe and trust that everything will work. But then they also want to be realistic. If you have a hundred million wish, does the universe take longer to fulfill that wish.”


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