It remains unsettled at FC Twente around Verbeek

19655bc5ce3165f0ef1695ed510edefe - It remains unsettled at FC Twente around Verbeek

The management of FC Twente had hoped with the statement to the internal heavily criticized trainer Gertjan Verbeek return the situation to calm in the hekkensluiter in the Premier league, but it continues to rumble.

Gertjan Verbeek

After several conversations, gave general manager Erik Velderman for the weekend to know that FC Twente “the season is going to finish with the current staff” and that “the position of the trainer is not an issue”. Three-quarters of the cast of actors is, however, afgeknapt on Verbeek, while also in the technical, medical and begeleidingsstaf a lot of resistance exists against the operation of the trainer.

Great anxiety

It has led to that now the supervisory board information is going to be obtained and the interviews are going to implement over the shelf life of Verbeek. When the controlling body lives serious concern over the current situation. The fear exists that the disrupted relations have a negative influence on the performance in the coming weeks, in which FC Twente against direct relegation fight.

Within the game group lives the idea with the assistant Marino Pusic and Sjors Ultee the season off. Pusic had earlier this season after the dismissal of René Hake, and for the appointment of Verbeek all three duels as the interim coach in charge.

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