Infantino stressed that organization is world cup 2026 fair is assigned

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FIFA president Gianni Infantino has yet again ensured that the organisation of the fifa world cup 2026 in a fair and transparent way will be assigned.

Around the world cup bids for 2018 (Russia) and 2022 (Qatar), was a hint of controversy and corruption, but according to Infantino these processes are a thing of the past.

“The rules are clear and prepared in accordance with the highest standards of ethical behavior, participation, and commitment to, sustainability and human rights”, says the Swiss Monday against the BBC.

“These steps are necessary to ensure that we never fell in the way it previously was. The FIFA has incredibly a lot of criticism had on the way in which a distinction was made in the various bids. It is our duty to learn and not to leave space for any doubt or subjectivity.”

The FIFA said in november last year, in a statement already know that the allocation of the global final tournament to be as transparent as possible and that, therefore, all 211 votes be made public.

13 June

In the vote on 13 June in Moscow, choose the 211 at the FIFA affiliated national associations between the joint bid of the United States, Canada and Mexico and that of the only remaining competitor, Morocco.

One of the topics on which the FIFA both bids for the world cup of 2026 will assess the way in which the potential organisers for the first world CHAMPIONSHIP with 48 participants deal with the protection of human rights and the working conditions.

In the construction of the world cup stadium in Qatar were reportedly hundreds of workers to the life. Furthermore, construction workers are often migrants who are exploited as slaves to be used.

Last summer, the FIFA a report of the American lawyer Michael Garcia with evidence of corruption in the allocation of the world CHAMPIONSHIPS of 2018 and 2022.


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